Simple containers, mainly intended for use with Woodpecker CI.
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This repository contains various docker images that I found useful. These are typically not very complex, usually not more than an alpine image with a few packages installed.

Right now I'm using these primarily in my Woodpecker CI steps, but they are regular docker images and can be used anywhere.

These containers are automatically updated every week, so they should stay fresh!


Docker Pulls Docker Image Size (tag)

Gives you access to rsync, ssh, and scp commands.


Docker Pulls Docker Image Size (tag)

An alpine container with Tor installed. Set up so you can easily mount your own config directory.

Check the tor folder in this repository for an example of how to run it.

Adding a new container

  1. Add a new folder, named after the container.
  2. Create a Dockerfile inside of that folder, and fill out the dockerfile.
  3. Go to Dockerhub, and create a repository for this new container.
  4. Under .woodpecker/, copy an existing pipeline. Name the copy after the container.
  5. Update the new pipeline:
    • Update the repo: ... to match the new repo you created
    • Point dockerfile: ... to the new dockerfile
    • Update when: ... condition so it's built when the correct folder is updated