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Kaan Barmore-Genç 2 weeks ago
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@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ As [online services are happy to turn over our data to the authorities](https://
it is crucial for Tor to exist so journalists, activists, whistle-blowers, and
anyone living under oppressive regimes can access information and communicate freely.
![A chart showing daily snowflake users in 2022. The numbers start to rise in December 2021, which is marked as "Unblocking in Russia". The numbers then skyrocket in September, which is marked as "Protests in Iran".](/img/tor-censorship-snowflake-chart.webp)
But there is really no reason for Tor to be used solely by people trying to
avoid censorship or stay private. In fact, I think it is good for people to use
Tor for other things, because this way Tor is not just a tool for "people with